fotoARRAY Broadcast

FotoARRAY Broadcast lets you share your pictures from your computer with your cell phone.
It offers a feature that many photo enthusiasts have been waiting for. All you need is a web browser on your phone, not an additional app. You don't need a subscription or a cloud service, just Wi-Fi.

Operation modes of fotoARRAY Broadcast:

You have your picture collection on your notebook and want to show some pictures to your friends? You don't want to, or can't take your notebook with you? Why don't you transfer the pictures to your cell phone or tablet and take it with you?

With fotoARRAY Broadcast, you mark the pictures you want to bring to your mobile device, open the broadcast dialog and there you can choose from different gallery templates. When you press the "Share" button, a QR code is displayed, which you only need to scan with your phone to see the images on the mobile device. The only requirement is that the computer and the mobile device are logged into the same private network. You do not need an app and the images transferred to the mobile device are not immediately transferred to the gallery. They are simply displayed in the web browser, so you have the choice of either downloading individual images, or saving the displayed web page as an offline page.

So this feature is also suitable to give your friends quick access to some selected pictures. 

But fotoARRAY Podcast can do so much more:
In the registered version there is a feature called "PickAnyFile" which
allows you to select any file on your computer and offer it for download on your mobile device. So you can quickly transfer a Word document or a PDF, to the mobile device without using a cloud service or email. 

But what if you want to transfer pictures from your mobile to your computer? Again, the registered version of fotoARRAY offers the solution. The "Upload" template displays a web page where you can select pictures or other files, which will then be transferred to the upload folder of fotoARRAY when you click “Submit”.

If the files are JPEG or DNG files, fotoARRAY can optionally copy the images automatically into a marked folder of the current image collection and import them into the database.

fotoARRAY Podcast creates a web page that is displayed on the mobile device. There are some templates included. With the registered version you can also use your own templates. You can also create a website locally. All necessary files, HTML and image files, are copied into a folder. Such a web page can easily be uploaded to a web site to present the images to a wide audience.