Assign image properties


You can assign image properties to the images imported into the fotoARRAY database via the program interface. The image data is not changed, only the entries in the database are extended. The following properties can be changed quickly by pressing a key.



Rating of the image, stars or likes:

Press the keys 1-9 to assign the corresponding number of stars. With the X key, you assign -1 star. The number of stars is negative. If the image already had a negative number of stars, this number is further reduced by one. To increase the number of stars by one, press the Ctrl+S key. The rating can also be done with the mouse, for that open the corresponding panel by pressing the color button in the lower toolbar.


You can also assign color labels to images by pressing the keys Ctrl+1 to Ctrl 9.


In the right panel the meta properties of the selected image(s) can be displayed. The order of the properties visible here can be selected in the program options. If multiple images are selected, then the properties whose value changes between the images are displayed shaded.


Images can also be assigned keywords. For this purpose, entries can be added to the keyword tree. To assign a keyword to an image or to remove it, simply tick the corresponding check box.


Analogously, images can also be sorted into albums. To do this, an album must first be created in the albums tree. One of the entries in this tree can be selected via the selection field. If you press the B key, then, depending on the setting, the image is added to the album, it is removed, or the state is switched.

Alternatively, it is also possible to click on the respective entry in the album list with the mouse while holding down the Alt key. This assigns the corresponding album. If the Shift key is also held down, the image is removed from the album.


If the current view is filled by a selection in the keywords or the albums, then the Remove key can be used to remove the image from the respective selection. After pressing the key, the image remains visible, but is crossed out. If you press the Remove key again, the image will be added to the selection again.