fotoARRAY Development News

2.5.2023 - fotoARRAY V2.4.3 is available now.

2.4.2023 - fotoARRAY V2.4.2 is available now.

17.3.2023 - fotoARRAY V2.4.1 is available now.

10.3.2023 - fotoARRAY V2.4.0 is available now.

3.3.2023 - fotoARRAY V2.3.2 is available now.

20.12.2022 - fotoARRAY V2.3.0 is available now.

28.11.2022 - fotoARRAY V2.2.6 is available now.

10.11.2022 - fotoARRAY V2.2.5 is available now.

6.11.2022 - fotoARRAY V2.2.4 is available now.

2.11.2022 - fotoARRAY V2.2.3 is available now.

++ Does it make sense to use a different version of an image for an image file only because it is in an album?

Each album may have an attached external directory with JPEG representations of the displayed images. You can specify how the images are used:

The external directory can be specified as absolute path, as a relative path to each image and alternatively as relative path to the database directory (the catalog)

23.10.2022 - fotoARRAY V2.2.2 is available now.

7.10.2022 - fotoARRAY V2.2.0 is available now.

This is a major update of fotoARRAY. We reviewed a lot of user feedback and ideas to make fotoARRAY even more versatile. Yet the user interface has been streamlined to make it easier to understand.

++ Choose image source dialog. It is used by page export, broadcast and for slide show) It is now possible to display the images loaded from an temporary, external directory. For example if you have just exported images for a slideshow or photo book.

++ Export "Pages" as JPEG files (requires License) ++ Export "Pages" to PDF file (optionally embeds full JPEG data) (requires License)

++ Dialog to move image time stamp (requires License)

5.7.2022 - fotoARRAY V2.1.8 is available now.

+++ Improved ROW image alignment algorithm in the array view. When you activate the page preview mode the images are now more evenly distributed on the page. With thge licenses edition you can export the pages as JPEG images to create a picture book quickly, i.e. when you need to create a picture book with 1000 images

In full version:

11.6.2022 - fotoARRAY V2.1.7 is available now.

+++ Assign a color to keywords and album. It will be displayed on the images as a colored circle in upper left corner +++ Assign a symbol (emoticon) to keywords and albums. It will be displayed on the images in upper right corner

29.5.2022 - fotoARRAY V2.1.6 is available now.

5.5.2022 - fotoARRAY V2.1.5 is available now.

6.4.2022 - fotoARRAY V2.1.4 is available now.

24.3.2022 - fotoARRAY V2.1.3 is available now.

20.3.2022 - fotoARRAY V2.1.2 is available now.

18.3.2022 - fotoARRAY V2.1.1 is available now.

15.3.2022 - fotoARRAY V2.1.0 is available now.

Updated User interface:

New features:


10.3.2022 - fotoARRAY Beta V2.0.9

fotoARRAY Broadcast got the ability to save a HTML image gallery. The user can select a gallery template which contains the required HTML, JS and other support files and a theme.xml file which controls the conversion. This feature is only available in the registered version of fotoARRAY.

5.3.2022 - fotoARRAY Beta V2.0.8

The Userinterface has been further enhanced and problems with shortcuts (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V) have been fixed.

fotoARRAY Broadcast got the ability to upload images from smartphes to the desctop. Using a sepcial template the user can select files on the mobile device and send it to fotoARRAY. This feature is only available in the registered version of fotoARRAY.

1.3.2022 - fotoARRAY Beta V2.0.7

The main window of fotoARRAY has been redesigned and modernized. While the symbols on the buttons were only marginally updated, they have been now implemented as vector graphics. Now scaling of the user interface also scales the buttons without loss in quality.

26.2.2022 - fotoARRAY Beta V2.0.6

We show the new fotoARRAY Broadcast. It is a tool implemented inbto foto array to bring your images to your smartphone.

22.2.2022 - fotoARRAY V2.0.5 is now available

Improves the synchronization by loading data from XMP files after pressing the key F2.

20.2.2022 - fotoARRAY V2.0.4 is now available

You can press F8 to create or update XMP files to include rating and keyword information. The export has been improved. You can now select from a combo box how color numbers should be converted to color label names. We have included predefined templates for different languages, but by editing the included XML file you can also create new templetes.

16.2.2022 - fotoARRAY V2.0.3 is now available

We have optimized the support for color labels which are loaded from XMP side car files. You can press F8 to create or update XMP files to include rating and keyword information.

14.2.2022 - fotoARRAY V2.0.2 is now available

The new release fixes some problems with import of images: JPEG files were not imported when they were accompanied by XMP files.

Further more the synchronization was enhanced. New keywords, rating and color labels are now synchronized. When an external XMP file was changed, the next time when synchronizing, fotoARRAY can detect the change of rating, color or keywords and update the settings in the database. If those values were not change, changes made in fotoARRAY itself should remain.

4.2.2022 - fotoARRAY V2.0.2 is now available

This release fixes the problem that a newly created database inherited the "no import" setting of the demo database. It includes some improvements in the UI and translation.

30.1.2022 - fotoARRAY V2.0.1 can be downloaded now

The data base export now skips albums and keywords which are hidden temporarily. This feature makes it easy to create a reduced sub-catalog from some selected albums in the main catalog. The catalog can be given to somebody else an bde viewed with the free-edition of fotoARRAY.

Fix: This edition also solves the problem with message boxes to be inaccessible behind the current window.

26.1.2022 - fotoARRAY V2.0 can be downloaded now

Please download fotoARRAY to experience your images in a whole new way.

24.1.2022 - The new fotoARRAY support forum goes online

Please visit the forum for further information about fotoARRAY. You may also register as a user there.

22.1.2022 - The new fotoARRAY website goes online

We created a fast bootstrap based site. It also includes the new manual in english and german language. You can access the manual from any page using the Documentation button in the upper right corner

21.1.2022 - The new fotoARRAY documention has been finished

2.7.2021 - fotoARRAY 1.17 has been released

It solves some stability and performance issues

4.4.2021 - fotoARRAY 1.09 has been released

The edit module of fotoARRAY now offers much enhanced layer support. The layers are created as needed using mathematical formulas which guarantees smooth transistions. Using control points the center of a layer can be moved, the gradation can be changed and its size or rotation can be modified.

24.10.2020 - I just Imported 1.000.626 Images

I now imported a total of 1.000.626 to create a stress test for the data base. I did not have that many images, so I re-imported the same images from a renamed path. Having that many database entries to test, I was able to to improve the database. So the upcoming new version will be even faster than the previous version.

7.4.2020 - Introducing FotoArray Version 1

I am really pleased to finally be able to introduce FotoArray photo software. This software has, in certain ways, been a lifetime in the making. Julian Ziersch started taking pictures about the same time he started programming and throughout his life, they have both remained a passion of his. But only recently, when he realized that he had over 300,000 photos did he start dreaming about software that would make it easy and intuitive to locate specific photos, group photos together, assign them key words, import them from wherever they were, view their data and much, much more.