Filter dialog


In the filter dialog, different field names are given in a selection field at the top. Please select the desired one from the list, and then click on the plus symbol to display a corresponding field in the dialog.




Each filter element can be activated individually. To do this, the respective check box must be clicked. The filters often have different comparison modes, for example, exactly equal, contains, greater than or less than. The date field is an exception, because it can contain a whole list of dates, optionally including time (+- minute range). If filters only know the position yes or no, for example "is JPEG" then a switch is shown. So in this example it can be filtered by whether an image file is a JPEG or a camera RAW format.


If the checkbox at the bottom left of the dialog is selected, then the property field is also created in the fotoARRAY toolbar.




The number of filters that can be used by fotoARRAY is limited to three in the unlicensed version.