Compact image archive


If you have a large number of digital images stored on one or more hard drives, then fotoARRAY can allow you to view, pick out and, at least in a small representation, show these images to someone at any time. This works regardless of whether the hard disk on which the picture is located is connected to the computer at that moment. If you travel and don't have the media on which the image files are located, you can still relive experiences and travels through their visuals.

At the same time, the image database that fotoARRAY creates is relatively small. The architect of the program stores more than 350,000 images in it, and the image database itself takes up less than 40 GB of disk space. In contrast, the space taken up by the original images on the hard disk is more than three terabytes. Image databases from the well-known large manufacturers would require much more memory, and thus would not have room on many hard disks built into notebooks in this case.