Experience your images in a whole new way with fotoARRAY!

fotoARRAY is a program that allows you to experience your pictures in a whole new way. It sees itself as a presentation program with management functionality. From the first line of coder it was designed to provide an intuitive access to the stored images, including the possibility to scroll in a collection from beginning to end without reloading delays.

It is not comparable to programs that open directories display the contained images as small previews, because it always has access to all imported images through its database. This makes it possible to organize images in collections (albums/keywords) as required. fotoARRAY can display the previews at lightning speed and the built-in slide show mode can be accessed at any time. (F1 function key) 

fotoARRAY is a program for managing an image archive. But it is so much more than that. It lets you browse through your collection and relive your memories. It starts in a few seconds and lets you see your photos immediately. Since fotoARRAY works with locally stored thumbnails, it's extremely fast and you can see images that are on external media, even if they're not connected.

By simply clicking in the respective tree view, assigned images can be searched. Both keywords and albums can of course be organized hierarchically. But fotoARRAY goes further:
Keywords and albums can be assigned colors and symbols, which are then displayed with the respective image in the overview. This makes it possible to quickly and effectively check whether the images have been assigned the correct keywords. It can also be easily determined if an image in one album is included in another. This greatly facilitates the compilation of selections for shows or books, to avoid duplicates as well as to prevent important images from being forgotten. 

With "Broadcast" fotoARRAY includes a tool to share images and other data with mobile device. You can not only download images from fotoARRAY on your smartphone, but you can also send files from there to a folder on your desktop computer (requires license). Since no APP, no account and no cloud service is required, you can use this function to pass on images to your visitors, as long as they logged into your local WIFI. 

You can use the licenses edition of fotoARRAY also create a HTML image gallery which you can upload to a web presence. To do so fotoARRAY uses a powerful template based system, which allows it to modify the layout of the web pages.

fotoARRAY is the perfect tool to organize a large collection of images. For this, many of the usual attributes, such as title, description, etc. can be assigned to the images. 

Further more albums can be created, which can then contain a selection of images. In addition, keywords can also be assigned. Both attributes are hierarchically organized, which means they can be displayed in a tree structure which makes it easy to locate certain elements, even if there are a lot of items.

By simply selecting captions in the tree structure, the assigned images can be displayed. For further subdivision, a timeline can be activated, so that the displayed images can be grouped according to the day when they were taken.

(1) Pre-select images by keyword (2) refine the selection by date

fotoARRAY always works with previews in about HD quality that are loaded from the database. So previews are available if the original images are not available, or if you want to avoid the slow access to an external hard drive.

If needed, the previews can easily be dragged&dropped or copied&pasted into many word processors or e-mail programs. You can select the data which should be copied, previews, the original image data or the developed versions of the images, if available.

If you want to edit images or use them in a slideshow or photo book, it interacts perfectly with external programs. Not only can you send images to these applications, but fotoARRAY can also transfer parameter files back to the original folder so that the changes are there the next time you export images to the external program. For Windows a tool is included, which can easily be accessed from many programs to optimize the postprocessing of images.


fotoARRAY works without subscription, even without installation. Just launch the program from its folder and open the catalog. This also works without license information as a "Free Edition" - this makes fotoARRAY the perfect tool for managing an image portfolio legacy.



your images by properties such as exposure, ISO and date. 
There are also meta-properties available, i.e image is JPEG or image is offline.

If required some important fields can be written to sidecar XMP files or read from there.


fotoARRAY supports hierachical keywords in a perfect way. They are organized in a tree view to make it easy to preselect images by simply select one or more branches. Add and remove keywords by clicking on a checkbox in the tree view.
Assign a colors and/or Symbols, i.e.💙✨ to any keyword to be displayed with the image.


Using albums is a powerful way to organize images. Unlike physical folder an image can be included in several albums at the same time. With user-order beeing enabled, you can change the order of the images in the album, i.e, if you need to create a slideshow or a photo book. 

Assign a colors and/or Symbols, i.e.🎪🎁 to any album to be displayed with the image.



Rate your images, add color labels and comments. Change title or copyright holder.

Quickly apply star rating and selection markers using the keyboard.

If GPS coordinates have been imported from the image ALT+F3 will open the web browser with them.

Share Images

Use fotoARRAY Broadcast to use your images located in fotoARRAY on your mobile device or to send images from there to your desctop computer.
Export HTML image galleries.


Copy image files and sidecars to directories.
Work with exported images and copy back updated sidecar files. This makes fotoARRAY the perfect tool to interact with other programs.


View the images in single or grid mode or use the instant slideshow. 
Use the fast forward mode to quickly scroll throug a collection.
Display thumbnails while master images are not available. 


Display images in grid mode organized in "pages". Export those pages to JPEG to create portfolio books quickly.

You can customize the aspect ratio of the pages and the margins between the images. 


Use the optional, integrated destruction-free image editor which simply stores a development "recipe" for an image.

You can use copy&paste to apply a recipe to a different image.


Use the image comparison view with synchronized view windows to find out the best images.

The comparison view allows the refinement of a selection of up to 16 images.


Locate images using the time line or the powerful text based date filter, i.e. to find all images taken on the 5th January.

You can first select from albums or keywords and then group by date.


Launch external editors and RAW developing applications.

Scripting: Pass images back to fotoARRAY to update the internal previews (requires license)


Customize the scaling of the user interface to match your requirements.
Choose the dark or the light interface theme.


Export list of files or a whole new catalog, use the file copy and file renaming tool and import data and images back into the catalog.


The basis edition of fotoARRAY is free to use and not time limited.
It only displays a banner and has  restrictions in the area of power-user and convenient functions.