Version 1.08 – the integrated image editor now uses layers

Quite often you want to partially adjust areas in an image. In particular, it is often necessary to darken the sky. For this application you can now use layers in the fotoARRAY image editor. To darken the sky create a gray gradient layer. This automatically creates a mask with an intensity that decreases from the top to the center of the image. You can also invert it, then the gradient starts from the bottom.

All controls (exposure, brightness) are applied with the intensity of the mask for which they were defined. Thus by reducing the exposure you can reduce the brightness of the sky.

Click the button in the upper left corner to display the layer list. You can now add a pre-defined mask by clicking on “+”:

Each layer can be inverted. Additionally, it can be set whether the changes are combined with those from other layers, or whether the changes are applied to the finished data at the end of the development process.

A small practical addition in fotoARRAY V1.8: The copy tool can now copy only the files as a specific date. This is very handy when you need to quickly copy images from the current day only.

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