Version 1.07 – introducing integrated RAW development

Actually, fotoARRAY is not meant to be a RAW developer. There are really a lot of such programs and they all have their specialties. RAW development is also extremely complex, since complex decoding, color management, lens corrections and the like are standard today. Therefore I generally recommend to use a specialized program. For most cameras, the respective manufacturers also release free programs that are perfectly matched to the system. These can be started from fotoARRAY without any problems.

But sometimes a fast development makes sense and not everyone needs many features. Therefore, and because there were a lot of requests, why not actually an image editing mode in fotoARRAY?

So I can today introduce the new module:

The development mode is now available in the comparison overview, which is opened with F3. To activate it, the right sidebar must be expanded with the button at the bottom right.

The changes are currently not saved, because the algorithms are not finalized. However, you can copy and paste settings and save a finished image as a JPEG.

Although actually kept quite simple, this RAW developer has a few special features on board. These are a black and white mode (checkbox at saturation) and the “Brilliance” slider for crisp color enhancement.

You can apply the changes to JPEG images as well, although of course there is less room for change here, since JPEG images only store 8 bits per base color, but RAW images store 12 bits and more

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