Version 1.05 – fotoARRAY zoom, compare view and improved import

Instant zoom to mouse position

You can double click on an image or press the space bar to switch to single image view. When you use ctrl+double click in the grid view a certain image will be directly zoomed to the clicked position. In the singe image view mode only one image is displayed and the shortcuts only manipulate the image which is displayed. You can use the ctrl+mouse wheel to zoom into the image, or use ctrl+double click to zoom to a certain area in 100% view.

There is a new compare view window

The compare windows has been redone completely to also allow more images to be compared than fit on the screen. Also the flickering of the old concept has been solved.

After pressing F3 the selection view is opened. This is a separate window which can also be moved to another monitor, if there is one. In this view the currently selected images (maximum 20) are displayed. If more than 20 images have been selected, a new image from the waiting list will be displayed for each image that is deselected here.

By clicking on the checkmark, a specific image can be removed from the selection. This is useful to refine a selection.

The images can also be enlarged and the section can be moved synchronously. Press Ctrl when moving the image with the mouse to toggle synchronization.

The 2nd button at the bottom left sets this zoom mode for all images. After a right click you can also set a different zoom level by choosing an item from the context menu. 

Using cursor left/right you can select a different image. 

You can also use this selection view and the slide-show mode (F1) in the main view:

Other improvements in V1.05

The import logic has been improved. Among other things, this fixes a problem with wrong shutter speed and aperture values displayed for some images.

There is also an improved syncronisation feature. Press CTRL when opening the respected menu item from the folder context-menu to be able to re-import image exposure data.

The stability has been also enhanced and on mac-os some cosmetic changes have been implemented.


The edition for Windows has been updated to incorporate a new build of LibRAW.
The logic to refresh thumbnails (F2) has been improved as well.


  1. Dirk Reynaert

    I would like to try fotoArray, but I got an error after launching the program:
    Required DLL’s are missing or incompatible
    LoadLibrary failed C:\Program Files\fotoARRAY\libraw.dll=126

    • fotoadmin

      Thanks for trying the software.

      I just downloaded my self and the installation and start went fine.
      This are the DLLS which were installed:

      jpeg62 dll 544144 13.11.2020
      libraw dll 1886208 31.05.2020
      turbojpeg dll 727440 13.11.2020
      wpXMLToolKitDLL dll 1163664 13.11.2020
      FotoARRAY exe 42949816 16.01.2021

      The error 126 means a module was not found.
      Do you have those files?

      • Dirk Reynaert

        Yes, all the files are there. I tried the zip-archive version and got the same error.

        • fotoadmin

          I am sorry, the problem was caused by a C++Runtime linked by the libraw and xmp DLLs which is not installed on all computers.

          On 25.1.2021 I uploaded a new build of the setup and a new ZIP for Windows which incorporates an improved utility DLLs.

          BTW: fotoARRAY should also work with official builds of LibRAW (for future compatibility)

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