Version 1.04 – fotoARRAY now with time line

fotoARRAY now provides a timeline. This lists all the days, months and years in which photos currently selected for display have been taken. Check boxes can then be used to further limit the selection.

If the selection was changed, e.g. another directory was selected, the checkbox states are saved and applied to the changed time line to filter for the same dates.

On the top, you can see the tree view of the timeline on the left side. For a better overview, years, months and days are always given in this order. The top level will also output a date in this form if there is only one entry in each of the lower levels (month and day).

The checkboxes of the parent items can be used to select or deselect all child items (including those not currently visible).

Filtering by date is only active if the “all” checkbox at the very top is not selected. Clicking on the X will reset the selection.

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