Version 1.03 – Interact with external RAW developer applications

1.) This version improves the interaction with external RAW developing programs.

I really enjoy to use CaptureOne(R) and like to use it to improve images I take out of my huge photo library. The problem I had so far was that it scans all the other images in its directory. That does take a lot of time but also creates a lot of unnecessary pretty large proxy files.

With fotoARRAY it is now possible to copy selected files into a different directory (preferably on a SSD) – [F6]
Use the RAW developer program to work with the files and when finished automatically copy the created developing instruction files (XMP,COF,COMASK,ON1,…) back to the original location. [Shift+F6]
Also a small preview JPEG can be copied so fotoARRAY will in future show an updated thumbnail.

The process behind this is quite complicated since the files can be renamed during export and so also the side-car files will use different names. But fotoARRAY takes care about this. You can also use this technique to work on different projects in different directories.

This feature work with other RAW developers equally good – as long as the programs depend on side-car files to store the development recipes.

2.) Temporary image markers

When you work on a set of images you can assign a temporary marker to them. To do so select the files, and use the context menu “Mark Images / Note down selected images on image list”. This feature does not only create a list of database ids for the selected images but also notes down the file names and file dates. You can also choose to note down only the file name without the file type.

In the filter dialog you can then select a new filter called “Is on image list”. It can be enabled and disabled. It also has a state switch:
In the off position (left) all images will be displayed when their name is on the image list, in the on position (right) they will be displayed if their database id is equal to the entry on the list. This feature makes it possible to sort out duplicate images quickly or to locate JPG images with their source RAW files.

Please note that because this feature only compares file names, it is possible that also images which show up with completely different content.

3.) Other improvements

The creation of a new album now does not any longer remove the marker for “current album”.

The stability of fotoARRAY has been further improved and some hickups on OSX have been fixed.

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