Slide Show (F1)


fotoARRAY can display the images (or only the current selection) full screen.


The function can be reached immediately by F1. Ctrl+F can be used to switch to full screen mode.


The key F changes the zoom mode. An image can be displayed format-filling or zoomed in. In the latter case, the section can be optimized by pressing Ctrl+Q. The image is shifted up or down so that the important elements of the image become visible.


It is also possible to use Ctrl+mouse wheel to zoom into the image. When changing images, the zoom rate remains the same. You can use a double click to disable the zoom or enable it again.


The current image can be inserted into the selected album by pressing the B key. While a fotoARRAY broadcast session has just been started, the current image can also be made visible there. Imagine your friends have connected to fotoARRAY before the slideshow (this requires ha only a cell phone and no APP) and you show the pictures from the last vacation together. Now you can simply press B and your friends can download the current picture to their cell phone, if they want to.


By pressing I or if you move the mouse to the lower part of the screen, more picture information will be visible.

At the top left and right are hidden buttons to end the fullscreen mode and slideshow.