License Agreement


The program fotoARRAY, its conception as well as the provided pictures are protected by copyright law.


Any liability of the producer of the program is excluded, except in the case of intent or gross negligence. In any case the liability is limited to the purchase price. Please note that images which have been deleted, may be  hidden, but not physically removed from the database.


fotoARRAY was developed to be an image view and management system, at present it does not contain any functions to change images. The program may only be used with written permission as an image database for published image.


Without a license code, the product can only be used as "Free Edition". Here the database can be edited and searched, but a banner is displayed and some tools are not usable. The program you downloaded does not have an expiration date, except for features which are part of the licensed edition (demo mode). Future downloads may have further restrictions.


With the purchase of a license the buyer acquires the right to use the program on 3 systems in the household. This right is not transferable. If used in a commercial environment, the use is limited to one specific person.


The distribution of the license codes required for unlocking is prohibited an can cause a deactivation of the license.


The program may not be used to manage images whose possession is illegal in the country of use. A use on critical systems, power plants, ships etc. is also prohibited.


The license must be activated at the beginning and after installing an update if necessary. For this purpose, the encrypted license code, an anonymous ID for the system and, for technical reasons, the IP are sent to  an external server located in Germany.


fotoARRAY can request from our server from time to time if a new version is available. The version number, operating system type and the set language are transmitted, but no license or device ID.


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