Introducing FotoArray – Photo Software

I am really pleased to finally be able to introduce FotoArray photo software.  This software has, in certain ways, been a lifetime in the making. Julian Ziersch started taking pictures about the same time he started programming and throughout his life, they have both remained a passion of his.  But only recently, when he realized that he had over 300,000 photos did he start dreaming about software that would make it easy and intuitive to locate specific photos, group photos together, assign them key words, import them from wherever they were, view their data and much, much more.

Organize Your Photos

Once he began programming FotoArray there was no stopping him – regardless of the fact that most of his photographer friends replied to his idea with ‘Oh – I don’t need that.’ But FotoArray has much more to offer than the standard big-name photo software and is made to be user friendly so that almost anyone can use it easily.

Soon FotoArray will be released and I can tell you more. But until then I can tell you that is an incredible way to organize thousands of photos and access them quickly.

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