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Download fotoARRAY here

Setup for Windows

Windows 64bit Setup
Version: 1.17


OSX 10.x
Version: 1.17

ZIP Archive to use on Windows without admin rights.

Windows 10 – 64bit – ZIP archive


A 64 bit operation system is required.

fotoARRAY is distributed under this license [read more…]

Without a license key the program works as “Free Edition”. In this mode the program includes the tools to browse an image catalog and locate images. It also offers the integrated non destructive image editor But some of the functionality is not available (i.e. batch process) and it also displays banner.

Other than to create the required directories for program and configuration and store uninstall-information, fotoARRAY does not make updates to your system, such as installing runtimes or drivers. To remove the app on MacOS, simply delete it. Under Windows you can use the common uninstall process. Alternatively simply delete the fotoarray directory. 

fotoARRAY does not include the possibility to edit or delete your image files. The copy/export function however can override images in the destination directory. Please use it with care. The import function scans all the image files in the selected directory. Please make sure you have backups of your data and image files on a different hard drive before you start the process.

fotoARRAY requires Windows 10 64 bit or OSX 10.9 or later.
Our programs are signed, please only download from our site!
The OSX version is now provided inside of a ZIP archive instead of a DMG to reduce download time and to avoid extraction errors on older OSX versions.

Download the Documentation

About us

fotoARRAY has been developed by WPCubed – Germany. 

Our mission

Give you access to your image files without cloud dependency.

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