File Browser


As a stand-alone image file browser feature within fotoARRAY, this sub-dialog functions independently of any database connection. You can browse any directory to show all RAW and/or JPEG files that are contained there. The list view shows only the file names of the currently selected images in the image view, and files that have the same base name.


You can edit the displayed path, then a new directory tree will be built after pressing [ENTER].


As in other places in fotoARRAY you can select the displayed items by selecting the branches in the tree view. It makes a difference if the tree is currently expanded or not. If it is expanded, you have to select each sub-item individually to display it, otherwise it is sufficient to select only the main item.


The image view has a context menu to activate an external program for image processing of the selected images. Otherwise, drag&drop to other programs and CTRL+C to copy images works as well.


The file browser can be opened in the following ways:


Button in folder panel:



Context menu in folders

Function key F4

Button for export directory



Command line:

-browser path1 path2 ...  Here only the file browser is opened and the specified paths are opened.

-browse path1 path2 ...  Here the specified path(s) will be opened in the file browser after opening fotoARRAY (and possibly the last database).

If an instance of fotoARRAY is already open, it will be used and the directories  will be opened within.


The file browser has the possibility to display only a subset of the images. This is controlled by the filter.

It is possible to display only files with a certain base name, suffix or prefix.  Use one or more terms separated by commas in the input field. Use * as wildcard character:



Image names can also be added by drag&drop.


It is also possible to specify a date range or a comma-separated list of days.