Windows 10 & 11 – 64 bit only
MAC with OSX 10.x 64bit (x86, no M1 at present)

Here you can download the fotoARRAY "free Editon". You can use it to work with your images. It misses some more advanmved and some convenient features the licensed editon has. If you like fotoARRAY you can purchase a license key. With it you can convert the "free Edition" into the fully licensed program with all the powerful features. You may activate the license on 3 computers you personally use. The license is valid without time limited for fotoARRAY Version 2.x.

The program has been created with the most care. However liability for damages or consequential damages by use of the program is limited: Please click here to view the license terms and limitation of liability.

fotoARRAY does not require a runtime and does not modify the system other than creating a data folder which easily can be deleted for uninstallation. Windows: If you may not use the setup script you can download the ZIP instead, unpack it and start the program without admistration rights.

Please note that our setups are signed by us. Do not download it form any place different to this website.