Comparision: Lens Nikon 50 1.2 S

Privately I am using the Nikon Z System. Today the new Nikon Lens 50 1.2 S arrived and I took it for a short walk. I wanted to compare it to the 50 1.8 S (which is much lighter) and an old Sigma Lens which offers a wide aperture at F 1.4 and has a pleasant bokeh, although it is a bit soft wide open.

Well, the 50 1.2 is big, really big. But I think the weight is manageable if you have an additional grip. I have the smallrig grip which also serves as an excellent tripod plate.

The sharpness of the 1.2 S is outstanding – I cannot see any weakness at F1.2. Vignetting at F1.2 appears to be less then the vignetting at 1.8 with the 50 1.8 S. Circles of diffusion are softer than with the 1.8.


This is a set of 11 JPEG in high resolution:

Nikon 50 1.2 S Sample Images (full-res jpeg)

This archive contains a ZIP file with 11 JPEG files.


Click on image below for full resolution view.

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