Version 1.10: Powerful image edit module

The algorithm of the image edit module hase been optimized to make the screen updates faster. It is now possible to save an edit recipe to the database. so when you open the same image the next time, the recipe … Read More

Version 1.09 Layers are now interactive

The edit module of fotoARRAY now offers much enhanced layer support. The layers are created as needed using mathematical formulas which guarantees smooth transistions. Using control points the center of a layer can be moved, the gradation can be changed … Read More

Version 1.08 – the integrated image editor now uses layers

Quite often you want to partially adjust areas in an image. In particular, it is often necessary to darken the sky. For this application you can now use layers in the fotoARRAY image editor. To darken the sky create a … Read More

Version 1.07 – introducing integrated RAW development

Actually, fotoARRAY is not meant to be a RAW developer. There are really a lot of such programs and they all have their specialties. RAW development is also extremely complex, since complex decoding, color management, lens corrections and the like … Read More

Version 1.06 – now with RAW view

In the selection view (F3) it offers a new checkbox “RAW” at the bottom. If you select it, the program will decode the data stored in RAW images and display those instead of the JPEG preview. Using the shortcut J … Read More

Version 1.05 – fotoARRAY zoom, compare view and improved import

Instant zoom to mouse position You can double click on an image or press the space bar to switch to single image view. When you use ctrl+double click in the grid view a certain image will be directly zoomed to … Read More

Version 1.04 – fotoARRAY now with time line

fotoARRAY now provides a timeline. This lists all the days, months and years in which photos currently selected for display have been taken. Check boxes can then be used to further limit the selection. If the selection was changed, e.g. … Read More

Comparision: Lens Nikon 50 1.2 S

Privately I am using the Nikon Z System. Today the new Nikon Lens 50 1.2 S arrived and I took it for a short walk. I wanted to compare it to the 50 1.8 S (which is much lighter) and … Read More

Version 1.03 – Interact with external RAW developer applications

1.) This version improves the interaction with external RAW developing programs. I really enjoy to use CaptureOne(R) and like to use it to improve images I take out of my huge photo library. The problem I had so far was … Read More

Introducing fotoARRAY – Video

Watch the fotoARRAY video. … Read More