Collect images and apply a special sort order


If you have the task to select some pictures from a larger collection, then it is recommended to first create an album in fotoARRAY and make it the current album.


In order not to overload the view of all albums, the new album should be inserted below a generic term. If the head term does not yet exist, you can insert it into the tree view of the albums as follows.

Open the popup dialog for the albums by clicking on the gear icon next to it. Here you can enter a name and insert it with the button "New entry" and the mode "Mark entry as collection".


Now you can enter the desired name for your album and select from the dialog on the top left, the previously added generic term.




Then, you can add images to this album by pressing the C key.

As soon as the round selection field is marked for an entry, the current image(s) can be added to this album by pressing the C key. The context menu for the cogwheel button of the albums offers the possibility to switch the function of the B key.


Hint: The key C also works when in slide show mode (F1).


Note: While fotoARRAY Broadcast is active, C will not add images to an album but to the list of images which are currently being shared.


It is also possible to add images to albums, or remove them from them, by clicking on the name of the respective album while pressing the Alt key for add, or Alt+Shift for remove.


When you have added all the images, you can display them by activating this album.


When an album is selected so that all the images it contains are visible in the display, the DEL key can be used to delete images from the albums. The images deleted with this button are marked with a cross. In this state, the images can be easily marked again, and the deletion can be undone by pressing DEL again.



If necessary, change the sorting in the fotoARRAY toolbar. From the context menu of the albums, select the entry "User order"-"Apply current view order to user order".




Whether an image is included in an album or not can be determined very quickly in fotoARRAY using the symbols and colors that can be assigned to all keywords and albums:




Custom Order in Albums


The arrow is red when the user sort order is activated

The arrow is red when the user sort order is activated

You can activate the user order, so that you can move the images you need to move.


Select one or more images and press Ctrl+Shift+Cursor Pos1/End to change the image order. You can also right-click on an image while holding down the Alt key to insert the current selection after the clicked image.


Or use Drag&Drop. A red "Cursor" will show you the insertion point of the selection when you drag it with the mouse.




Shortcuts to sort images




Move selected images to the start



Cursor up

Move selected images one row up



Cursor left

Move selected images one image left



Cursor right

Move selected images one image right



Cursor down

Move selected images one row down




Move selected images to the end


Mouseclick right

Auswahl nach dem angeklickten Bild einfügen


To start the slideshow simply press F1. If you have selected a group of images, only the selected images are displayed as slideshow. Within the slideshow you can press F to selected the 16:9 or the regular view. Press Ctrl+F to enter fullscreen view.