Access to important memories in life


Many people like to photograph what has just happened, what is important at the moment, and associate it with a memory of what they have just felt. Regardless of whether a photo is of good quality, has a high resolution or meets special artistic requirements, it can therefore be very significant for the photographer and often also for their relatives. Without a management program like fotoARRAY, however, the flood of images can easily overwhelm. Some then start deleting images, sorting them out according to trivial principles, such as whether an image is out of focus, or contains too much image noise. However, especially pictures taken under difficult conditions are remarkable in retrospect of an event.

With fotoARRAY you can access all the images stored in the database at any time. You can open a collection in a flash and scroll from beginning to end. You can use the automatic fast forward to let the images affect you in a quick change - if this kind of presentation is the most pleasant.